July 14, 2024

Tag: #edville

The Edville Gazette On God-Forsaken Eyesores

“We’re loathe to impugn your aesthetic sensibilities… but…”  Article by Edna Farmer EDVILLE—Well, I got an awful lot of mail in response to my piece

The Edville Gazette On Bulky Return Objects

IKEA’s “Buy Back” Program a Boon for Marriage Counsellors & Truck Enthusiasts Alike Article by Ingmar Grön
 STOCKHOLM—Back in 2019 IKEA announced that it was

The Edville Gazette On Reptilian Tears

From the Archives | Crocodile Rockin’ Article by Shirley Stickle EDVILLE—Well, dear readers, I may not be the largest fan of reptilian pets, especially when

The Edville Gazette On Footwear

Shirley Unclogs the Mysteries of Retro Clogs Article by Shirley Stickle EDVILLE—If you think it’s neat that the music from the Seventies is coming back,

The Edville Gazette On Personal Cleanliness

Note To Celebrities: Take a Damn Bath Article by Heddi Bundt EDVILLE—So, after the disturbing revelation from Ashton Kutcher that he performs daily crotch and