July 14, 2024

Annual Poster and Literary Contest 2023

Grafton Legion contest for students — win $!!

Each year the Grafton Legion sponsors the Remembrance Day Poster and Literary contest run by the Royal Canadian Legion.

Students from the local schools can enter their posters and literary, divided into age groups, for a chance to win (and some include cash awards too).

The students can win at the Branch, then move on to Zone, District, possibly on to Provincial and then Canada wide. Each time the student’s work moves up, another award and cash prize may be awarded.

The purpose of this is to remind everyone about the sacrifices our Veterans gave, so that we may enjoy the life and freedoms we have today. This is Remembrance Day.

The 2023 competition is underway with entry forms dropped off to the three area schools, Baltimore Public, Grafton Public and St Mary’s.

A return date for the submissions is November 8, 2023 for judging before Remembrance Day and some of the entries will be displayed at our Veterans Day Dinner on November 11 at the Branch.

If there is a student being home schooled, could they please contact the Branch for a copy of the entry form and rules.

The Poppy Campaign this year is from October 27th to November 11th, 2023.

Grafton Legion’s first Poppy of 2023 Poppy Campaign goes to Mayor of Alnwick/Haldimand Township John Logel, presented by Grafton Legion Br. 580 Poppy Chair Scott Martin.

Please watch for street canvassing (poppy tagging)

If anyone is willing to help with canvassing for this years Poppy Campaign, please email and we will get  back to you.
“Please show your support by wearing a Poppy”


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