December 3, 2023

Preserving Memorabilia

Message from Hastings Historical Society

Hastings – Mon., Oct. 30, 2023 – With year-end approaching, Hastings Historical Society is arranging to formally catalogue and add to our inventory of donated artifacts.

On November 8th, 9th, and 10th, to ensure the preservation of Hastings’ rich and vibrant history, (with the valued assistance of the Northumberland County archivist), we will be updating our collection of valued memorabilia.

To those historical society members, who generously offered to store items of importance, we ask that you contact Rob Steele (705-868-5159) or Mary Forbes (416-578-9150) to arrange pickup. Thanks so much for your help.

To Hastings residents, current and previous, who wish to donate personal items of interest, or would like more information, we ask that you too contact Rob or Mary.

All items will be safely secured in our heated facility in Hastings for future education and display.

Our thanks to the Northumberland County Archives and Museum 

To preserve the history of our county, Northumberland County Archives and Museum will soon be moving to their new facilities within the new 203,000 square foot Golden Plough Lodge complex in Cobourg.

Hastings Historical Society has gratefully accepted the help of their Archivist, Abigail Miller who, with the Museum Curator Katie Kennedy and Intern, Lindsay Fler, recently visited our storage facility to assess our needs and lend assistance in preserving our historical files, newspapers and artifacts.

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