July 15, 2024

Hospital Seeks Community Members for Advisory Council

Current PFAC members

Hospital seeking Community Members to join the Patient and Family Advisory Council

Campbellford – Tues., Oct. 17, 2023 – Campbellford Memorial Hospital (CMH) is thrilled to announce an exciting opportunity for community members to join the Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC). The PFAC plays a pivotal role in our unwavering commitment to improving the patient and family experience within our healthcare system. By joining PFAC, you can actively contribute to shaping a brighter future for CMH.

The PFAC is responsible for amplifying the patient and family voice and members actively engage in a wide range of hospital initiatives, committees, and projects, helping to chart the course for the evolution of healthcare at our hospital.

As a member of PFAC, you will have the unique opportunity to:

  1. Influence Positive Change: Be an instrumental part of the transformation happening at CMH by directly impacting policies, procedures, and the patient experience.
  2. Share Your Insights: Share your valuable perspectives and experiences, ensuring that the patient and family viewpoint remains at the forefront of our healthcare endeavors.
  3. Shape the Future: Collaborate with healthcare professionals, administrators, and fellow PFAC members to further enhance and champion our already patient-centered healthcare system as we move forward together.

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