December 3, 2023

Rap-rocker Releases Third Studio Project

Krosst Out or Aaron (Krosst Out) Siebenga is a Graduate of Campbellford District High School

Article by Sue Dickens/Images submitted

Campbellford – Mon., Oct. 15, 2023 – “I’m currently in the midst of releasing my third studio project, which will be out in November as well as I just did a sold out Toronto Show Sept 14th. Not bad for a kid from Campbellford.”

Those are the words of Krosst Out, a young rap-rocker who is always moving forward with his music and talent.’

Trent Hills Now interviewed a while ago but it’s definitely time for an update.

By high school, which he attended here, Krosst Out was playing bass in bands and writing his own raps on the side.

Krosst Out

It’s been years but eventually the people around him started to notice his music and gave him the support to realize he had to make music his career.’ Krosst Out attended Campbellford District High School from 2007 to 2011.

Krosst Out or Aaron (Krosst Out) Siebenga, his real name, is an alternative artist who now lives in Toronto. In his bio it states, “Often described as a genre-bender, Krosst Out has been breaking the mold of conventional music from the get-go.”

Growing up he was fed a mixed diet of sounds. From his father’s influence of rock and blues artists like Eric Clapton and The Who, his friend’s influence of post-hardcore, and metal bands like Underoath, Opeth, and Rage Against TheMachine to sneaking home Eminem, Public Enemy, and Nas Cd’s. Talking with Trent Hills Now on the phone he described his music style as hip hop and punk and metal.

His newest song is “I Had a Dream I didn’t Have Eyes.” It’s part of his latest album which includes 10 songs and took about a year and a half to pull together.

“The last one, it was more of a somber kind of album. This one is a more aggressive album. There’s more anger behind it. And I think it’s a little bit more philosophical in a sense. It’s a different approach and it’s a standalone album,” he said.

”It’s through the whole course of the album, I’m sort of expressing different ideas, geared towards a nihilistic view that a lot of young people have towards the world right now. A lot of us feel like there’s not a whole lot of hope going on. We can’t afford this or we can’t afford that, you know, the current political climate is also really, really bad right now.”

He explained, “This album has a lot of features, my last one only had two. This one has a lot more on it. And I wanted to do that intentionally to showcase a lot of other people’s talents as well, but then also, a lot of the people that are on this album sort of feel the same way that I do.”

He added, “I really enjoy working with other artists and so hopefully in the future, I can have more songs with the artists that I sort of respect in the

music industry.”

And without missing a beat he talked about where things go from here. “I have enough stories to actually write them down into a book form. So I’m kind of playing around with something like that. I think it would be really cool to kind of make a fiction novel based around my life.”

He’s even talking about going overseas at some point with his music. “We’ve got a lot of fans in the U.K. and Ireland,” he noted.

In conclusion he commented, “I get messages from people back home, you know, saying like, ‘Oh, it’s so cool to see how far you’ve come’ and every time people ask me where I’m from, and it’s a big deal in the rapper world to represent your hometown, so even though my hometown is extremely small, I enjoy representing it because it’s such a unique thing. A lot of people can say they are from Toronto,

Drake and other locals, but no one can say they are from Campbellford…at least not in the rap world.”

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