December 8, 2023

Avoid a Recipe for Disaster this Fire Prevention Week

Fire Chief Shawn Jamieson is reminding everyone in The Municipality of Trent Hills to keep fire safe when cooking as part of Fire Prevention Week 2023

Fire Prevention Week (FPW) runs from October 8-14, 2023 and Trent Hills Fire Department along with MPP David Piccini is urging everyone in The Municipality of Trent Hills to practice fire safety while cooking with some simple tips and reminders when in the kitchen.

Cooking remains the leading cause of residential loss fires in Ontario but by following a fire safe recipe, disaster can be avoided. Adding an ounce of prevention is the not-so-secret ingredient that will ensure your meal is one to remember.

Unattended cooking, distractions, and being under the influence of alcohol or other substances leaves you unprepared to act in the event of fire. It’s also recommended to avoid a cluttered workspace around the stove and loose-fitting clothes that can easily lead to items catching fire. Consider creating a prep station away from the stove, avoid cooking under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, and secure loose hair or clothing.

Fire Chief Shawn Jamieson urges you to never leave the kitchen when the stove is on, not even for a minute. A fire can start fast and an unattended pot on fire will spread before you are even aware. If you must leave the cooking area, turn off the stove. Unattended cooking is not an accident and can be avoided by staying by the stove.

“Accidents can happen but can be avoided practicing fire safety in the kitchen starting with staying by the stove, keeping a lid close to slide over pot in the event of fire, keeping a clear area around the stove, and avoiding distractions to focus on the task at hand when cooking.” — Fire Chief Shawn Jamieson

Using the Trent Hills Fire Department’s tools and resources, you can practice fire safe cooking tonight with further tips and some recipes shared by the Office of the Fire Marshal on our website or social media channels.

“There’s no excuse for a fire in the kitchen as a result of unattended cooking. Being fire safe starts with prevention. This Fire Prevention Week, remember that most fires in the home start in the kitchen and practice fire safe cooking.”Jon Pegg, Ontario Fire Marshal

Distractions, unattended cooking, cooking while intoxicated, cooking utensils too close to a stove, and loose-fitting clothes are all a recipe for disaster. Fire safety in the kitchen starts with prevention and being prepared.

Ensure a working smoke alarm is installed on every storey of the home and tested at least once a month. Have a home fire escape plan that is practiced by everyone in the home for a safe escape in an emergency once the smoke alarm sounds


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