December 3, 2023

Goodbye Ian Davey — Hello Adam Giddings

Overlap will insure continuity

Image: (L-R) Ian Davey, Adam Giddings

The Town of Cobourg is preparing to bid farewell to Ian Davey, Treasurer and Director of Corporate Services.

Ian Davey has been with the Town of Cobourg since 2002 when he accepted the position of  Manager of Finance. A Chartered Professional Accountant, Mr. Davey brought with him 19
years of previous professional experience. In 2006 he was promoted to Treasurer and in 2007 took on the role of Director of Corporate Services. In 2019, he accepted the interim position
as Chief Administrative Officer and calmly guided the operations of the Town through a global crisis and brought staff together despite continuous disruption and uncertainty. He has worked
closely with several terms of Council, has earned the respect of residents and has been a trusted advisor for both staff and Council.

“What Mr. Davey has helped build for the Town of Cobourg will be instrumental for years after his departure,” says Mayor, Lucas Cleveland. “Part of his legacy is the Northam Industrial Park. Ian’s business intuition has enabled the success of the Northam Industrial Park which today, is a key non-tax base revenue source for the Town of Cobourg. Our community owes Mr. Davey a debt of gratitude for his service, knowledge, and foresight as we are on an incredible financial path that he has carved during his significant career.”

A long-time resident of Northumberland County, Mr. Davey has dedicated himself to public service and making a positive difference for this community. As Treasurer, he has committed himself to the responsible management of the corporation’s budget, ensuring the impact on the community and the citizens we serve is top of mind. His informed and rational approach to every situation has been vital in the responsible growth and continued viability of the town.

“We are very grateful to Ian for his insight and expertise,” says Tracey Vaughan, Chief Administrative Officer. “He has made significant contributions to our organization over the  course of his career and has been a trusted and distinguished leader for his team. He will be greatly missed.”

Mr. Davey’s last day with the Town of Cobourg will be October 27.

“The Town of Cobourg is pleased to announce that the successful candidate for the position of Treasurer and Director of Corporate Services is Adam Giddings,” says Tracey Vaughan, Chief Administrative Officer.

Mr. Giddings comes to the Town from Lakefront Utility Services Inc. (LUSI), where he held the position of Vice President of Regulatory Finance. During his time with LUSI, he oversaw the capital and operating budget and financial and regulatory reporting for the organization. Part of his portfolio was management of the Customer Service Department and supervision of Information Technology and Cybersecurity which he will continue at the Town of Cobourg.

Mr.Giddings is a Chartered Accountant and a graduate of Queen’s University Leadership Program.

Mr. Giddings first accepted a position with LUSI in 2013 as a Senior Financial Analyst and has progressed through the organization. During his time with LUSI, Mr. Giddings has been able to assist the organization achieve great change and introduce innovations to improve customer service.

Mr. Giddings’ first day with the Town of Cobourg will be October 2, giving him the opportunity to work directly with Ian Davey before his departure. During this time of transition, the Town of Cobourg will work with LUSI to balance Mr. Gidding’s schedule to ensure there is no interruption to both their clients and stakeholders.





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