July 14, 2024

Ranney Street Project to Cost $4.2 million

Screen Shot Aug. 8 Council meeting, from left, Neil Allanson, Manager of Roads and Urban Services with Scott White, general manager of infrastructure renewal and public administration.

Construction to Begin in 2024

Council Selected Drain Brothers Bid

Article/images by John Campbell

Campbellford – Mon., Aug. 14, 2023 – Most of Ranney Street in Campbellford will be reconstructed next year at a cost of $4.2 million.

Ranney Street by the library and swimming pool

Trent Hills council awarded Drain Brothers Excavating Limited the contract at its Aug. 8 meeting. The Norwood construction firm’s bid of $3,689,493 was the lowest of three received.

The overall cost includes engineering and construction administration by DM Wills Associates ($297,650) and a contingency allowance of $150,000 “to offset any additional unforeseen construction costs,” Scott White, general manager of infrastructure renewal and public administration, wrote in a staff report.

The work involves replacing asphalt, storm and sanitary sewers, watermains and laterals, curbs and sidewalks on Ranney Street from Bridge Street East to Front Street North, a stretch of roughly 700 metres.

A road needs study commissioned by Trent Hills said “the roadway is aged and patched; the watermain, constructed of cast iron in 1930, has had many breaks over the years; the sanitary system, constructed of clay-tile in 1928, poses a potential health and safety concern if a break were to occur; and the traffic count is estimated conservatively at 1,486 vehicles per day.

CDHS is on Ranney Street

It noted the “mostly residential street serves as the main access road for cars and buses to Campbellford District High School.”

In an earlier report to council, White said the water and wastewater network “is well beyond (its) life expectancy”; the road surface and sidewalks “are beyond their expected useful life as well and are in need of complete replacement,” he added.

Most of the money to pay for the project will come from the Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund ($2,251,370), water and wastewater reserves ($770,92), and the Canada Community-Building Fund, formerly the federal gas tax ($180,586).

White said $854,441 will be financed “internally or externally following completion of the project.”

Ranney Street project to be completed in one phase

The municipality originally contemplated having the work done in two phases but White recommended that it be done in one as there are “efficiencies to be realized by reconstructing the entire street at the same time.”

When asked about the expected start of construction White told council that the Drain Brothers “have indicated they are going to start everything in 2024, so I presume … very early in the spring if possible, as early as April. And they would just coordinate all the work in front of the school to be more or less completed when school is out, or at least the major portion in that area … to limit disruption.”

The deadline for completion is Oct. 31, 2024.





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