December 5, 2023

Safety Message from OPG

Ranney Falls Generating Station Campbellford/Image OPG

Hydro stations are not the spot to cool down

Stay clear, stay safe around hydroelectric facilities and dams

Toronto – In the hot summer weather, Ontario Power Generation (OPG) reminds the public that hydroelectric stations and dams are not places to cool down.

Many of OPG’s hydro facilities are controlled remotely. Operators can open or operate dams at any time, leading to fast flowing water and movement downstream, which could create strong undertows, turbulence, and sudden, powerful gushes.

OPG also reminds the public to stay clear of areas with fences, buoys, booms, and barriers and comply with all warning signs.

For more information about water safety, please visit:

Quick facts

  • OPG operates 66 hydroelectric stations and 240 dams on 24 Ontario River systems.
  • Despite continued warnings, some people disregard our signs and barriers, putting themselves and first responders at risk.
  • OPG works with Ontario Provincial Police to enforce these warnings, including laying charges.


“Water around OPG’s hydroelectric stations and dams may look welcoming, but could be extremely dangerous,” said Paul Seguin, OPG SVP, Renewable Generation. “Whether you’re a boater, angler, or just looking for a nice spot to cool off, please obey the signs and barriers around our stations and dams.”

About OPG

As one of North America’s largest, most diverse electricity generators, OPG invests in local economies and employs thousands of people across Ontario and the US. OPG and its family of companies are leading the development of new clean technologies, refurbishment projects, and electrification initiatives to power the growing demand of a clean economy. Learn more about how the company is advancing these initiatives while prioritizing people, partnerships, and strong communities by reading OPG’s Climate Change Plan, Reconciliation Action Plan, and Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (ED&I) strategy.



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