July 15, 2024

The Edville Gazettle On Graphic Responses To Pesky Neighbours

Legal Woes of The Third Planet #1

Article by Hugo Blue

HOUSTON—Comic book shop Third Planet Sci-Fi Superstore officially filed suit against its neighbor, Crowne Plaza River Oaks, via an unusual medium: a 13-page graphic novel.

It’s unclear why owner T.J. Johnson thought his lawsuit required visual aids, but his attorney and justice league of four friends took the necessary action over two months.

Do they file their taxes the same way?

The suit alleges, from origin story to nemesis, that residents of the hotel have been permitted to throw “all manner of items” from their room’s balconies at the comic shop, in some old-fashioned nerd bullying.

Projectiles have included plates, luggage, and even ladders—the worst nuisance being that none of the items were at all useful. Flung cigarette butts also caused fires on the shop grounds, and the clash reached its climax, when, perhaps after noticing the flames, 14 fire extinguishers were lobbed onto the shop’s roof.

Attorneys for the hotel have yet to comment. They’ll need a few months and an adequate cartoonist to draw up the appropriate response. 

I rather like the idea of sprucing up the judicial system with art. Perhaps briefs should now be submitted in watercolour, and the day’s cases displayed in acrylic and oil. Next up docket #114 on canvas!

The graphic novel ends with an auspicious “to be continued,” but simply illustrating your plight into graphic panels, as the hero of your own story no less, doesn’t guarantee a comic book ending. Looking forward to issue two, though.

Nuff said.

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