July 14, 2024

Why You Shouldn’t Drive Over Fresh Line Paint

Not just because “wet paint splashing on vehicles can cause damage”

Northumberland County and local municipalities are gearing up for their annual road upgrades, bringing a fresh look to area roadways. Taking advantage of the warm sunny weather, crews will be transforming the pavement by applying essential safety markers for the safety of drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

Maintaining the integrity of line markings is important for ensuring road safety along the nearly 500 kms of road managed by the County. Local municipalities are also actively laying down clear line markings to define lanes, guide traffic, and provide safe direction to cyclists and pedestrians.

Line painting is a meticulous process that requires careful attention to detail and sufficient drying time for the paint. Line paint operations move at reduced speeds to ensure accurate application and allow adequate time for the paint to dry effectively.

“Line painting crews and vehicles move slowly to do a quality job,” commented Director of Public Works Denise Marshall. “We kindly ask drivers to exercise patience and maintain a safe distance from the line painting crews and vehicles to allow crews to safely do their work.”

To ensure a safe environment for all road users, drivers are reminded to exercise caution and keep a safe distance back from all vehicles and road crews. Motorists should never attempt to pass road crews and maintenance vehicles. Passing or crossing freshly painted lines should be avoided, as the paint contains glass beads for reflectivity. Wet paint splashing on vehicles can cause damage. Crossing over fresh markings can compromise the reflective properties of the road lines.

The following safety tips are provided to all motorists:

  • Be patient and maintain a safe distance from maintenance vehicles.
  • Do not attempt to pass road paint operations.
  • Avoid driving on freshly painted markings to prevent damage to your vehicle.
  • Do not cross wet paint, as this compromises the reflective properties.
  • Always follow the instructions from control vehicles, signage, and devices.




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