December 5, 2023

The Edville Gazette On Being One Of The Lucky Ones

Aging Denial? Darn Funny, If You Ask Me.

Article by Buster Fog

COBOURG—Well, you know where I stand on these kids today. From where I’m sitting, they don’t have the sense God gave elephants, which are supposed to be the animals with the best memories. But seriously, how would you ever test for that? My Missus made a good point about elephants (she’s so adorable). They’re grey and slow and wrinkly, and they always look sad and depressed—exactly like your average geezer, including yours truly. No point in denying it.

And that brings me directly to this information I’m about to relate here, which is everyone being all worried and empathetic about codgers in aging denial.

Now as near as I can figure it, aging denial is your mental state when you shuffle into the Shoppers first thing on a Thursday and the 12-year-old at the checkout gives you that look that says, Its gonna be a long day because everyone I gotta talk all nice to for the next eight hours is coming in for the seniorsdiscount. And these kids, they’re really good at looking all attentive and sympathetic—like they could give a darn what some codger had for breakfast at 5 a.m., or how long it takes to change the brake cable on a mobility scooter, which is how you’re gonna spend the afternoon after your nap.

Now just for the record, the codgers in my Tim’s crew appear not to have aging denial, because all they talk about is what new affliction they have this week, and how many medical specialists they’re queued up to see, and what’s the right blend of whiskey, hypertension meds and Viagra to keep you humming but not enough to off yourself. These guys will tell you flat out it’s the rich, neurotic Boomers who’ve got nothing better to do than worry about how old they look—since they still think its 1969 and they’re looking for a lift to Yorkville.

So that’s aging denial in a nutshell.

My advice? If you’re a geezer and you’re suffering from denial of any kind, put on some Frank Sinatra or maybe some Billie Holiday, and remind yourself that if you’ve made it this far you’re one of the lucky ones.

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