July 15, 2024

Incredible $5.3 Million Raised During 2022-23

Northumberland Hills Hospital Foundation Annual Meeting announcement

Image: TAPhoto/(L – R) Back Row: Gavin Ivory, Ian MacVicar, David Dexter, John Racine, Brenda Heenan, Laura McCracken Ebbrell, Rick Miller/Front row: Carrie Low, Rhonda Cunningham, Pam Went, Susan Walsh, Wendy Ito, Denise O’Brien, Therese Brennan-Hunt. Absent:Dr. Kate Everdell, Karen Parker, Trent Gervais, Richard Holland

While taking time to celebrate the past, the focus of Northumberland Hills Hospital (NHH) Foundation’s Annual Meeting also looked to the future on the evening of June 21, 2023. Remarks included the announcement that more than $5.3 million was raised throughout the 2022-23 fiscal year thanks to incredible community support.

“It’s hard to believe my two-year term as Chair of NHH Foundation’s Board of Directors is coming to an end,” remarked Wendy Ito. “As I look back, I am amazed by the generosity shown by our community, grateful to the leaders who have continued to work to advance our mission, and impressed at what we have collectively accomplished.”

With Ito’s term coming to an end, new leadership will be welcomed for the 2023-24 fiscal. Moving into the role of Chair will be Gavin Ivory, who joined the Foundation’s Board in 2017. Carrie Low, who also joined the Board in 2017, will move into the Vice-Chair role, and Ian MacVicar, who joined the Board in 2020 will continue to serve in the role of Treasurer. Ito will serve as Past Chair for one year. Biographies for all Directors can be found at
Ito thanked each of the Board members for their contributions to the Foundation’s success as well as their support during her two years as Chair. Referencing the new Board Executive, she shared she is, “tremendously confident in all of [their] abilities to lead [the] Board and continue to nurture the Foundation.”

Ito also took the time to thank the Foundation staff team for their dedication, share appreciation to the team at both NHH and NHH Auxiliary, and acknowledge the tremendous efforts of the Exceptional Community, Exceptional Care Campaign Cabinet volunteers to date.

“I would like to share kudos to the NHH team,” Ito stated. “We are so grateful to all those who keep our hospital operating and ready to help our community, no matter the circumstances.”

Following Ito’s remarks, NHH Foundation CEO Rhonda Cunningham led a tribute to Ito, who first joined the Board in June 2013. Cunningham shared that while 2013 was the start of Ito’s Board tenure, she had many years of involvement at the Committee level prior to this.

“The Foundation is 30 years old, and Wendy has been a part of our story, building this organization for half of our history,” stated Cunningham. “No other Foundation volunteer has achieved this (yet). Not only has she been building up this organization, as a staff we all agree she has been building us up with her kind words, encouragement, support, positive feedback.”

As part of the evening’s agenda, greetings were also shared by Exceptional Community, Exceptional Care Campaign Chair, Hank Vandermeer; NHH Chief of Staff, Dr. Mukesh Bhargava; and NHH President and CEO, Susan Walsh.
In line with the Board’s By-Laws, the Audited Financial Statements as at March 31, 2023 were presented and accepted, and the annual Election of Directors was presented, with one new member, David Dexter, being elected to the Board.


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