July 15, 2024

Meet Olivia Copeman of the incrEdible Edibles Festival

New Student Marketing Assistant Hired

First-year student at Queen’s University is from Brighton

Written by Olivia Copeman/Image provided

Campbellford – Thurs., June 8, 2023 – The incrEdible Edibles Festival is an annual event that takes place in our very own Trent Hills, on the second Saturday of every July.

Beginning in 2014, this festival has established a fun and inclusive environment featuring music and tasty eats for the whole family to take part in. The incrEdible Edibles Festival celebrates and supports local businesses and the chefs, artisans, farmers, and entrepreneurs behind the products. It also brings together and provides a space for local musicians, artists, and performers to share their talents with our community. Overall, this festival offers it all: education, eats, and entertainment for all of our community and its visitors to enjoy.

My name is Olivia Copeman and I am a first-year student at Queen’s University, studying the dual-degree program, Concurrent Education. I grew up just outside of Campbellford, in Trent Hills’ small neighbouring community of Brighton. This is where I spent the majority of my upbringing and where I initially established my interest in all things food-related. Growing up, I have fond family memories surrounding food: baking cookies with my grandparents, local strawberry picking and charcuterie assembling with my mom, and curating various homemade Italian-inspired dishes with my dad.

As you can probably tell, my interests were heavily influenced by my own food-obsessed family, and I, too, adopted this same foodie allurement. With my family, I began attending the annual Brighton-held festival of Applefest at the young age of four years old, and from then on, I never missed one. I always found my foodie self being drawn particularly to all of the food vendors that Applefest had to offer. Anything from locally sourced jams and jars of honey to farm-fresh fruits and veggies was of interest to me.

Fast forward to now, the summer before entering my second year at Queen’s, I came across the perfect opportunity for a foodie and small-community supporter, like myself, at the incrEdible Edibles Festival Team. Here, I was hired as a Student Marketing Assistant. This position has been extremely fulfilling for me, as I get to be a part of a team that is just as passionate about supporting local and small businesses, as well as sharing sustainable, locally sourced, delicious food products with our community.

My role on the Incredible Edibles Marketing team is to reach out to local businesses and share our objective: to provide a fun and inclusive space for small companies or entrepreneurs to share their incredible products with their community.

In doing this, I’ve had the opportunity to communicate with many local farms, restaurants, bakeries, apiaries, wineries, and more, and I’ve learned to even further my appreciation for these hard-working local individuals who put forth amazing products for our community.

Stay tuned for more about this spectacular food event to be held in Campbellford July 8, 2023

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