Do not be surprised if you see a Cobourg cruiser

Cobourg Police Service (CPS) members provide parking and fire route bylaw education and enforcement on weekends in the Township of Hamilton. At the request of the Township of Hamilton Council, CPS will oversee this summer initiative for the second year in a row. Fully funded by the Township of Hamilton, the program aims to foster positive community relations to promote awareness and adherence to posted bylaws.

Special Constables employ the four Es – Engage, Explain, Educate, and Enforce. Key communities of focus include Bewdley, Harwood and Gores Landing.

CPS will continue to provide this service each weekend throughout the summer until Labour Day.

Education and engagement are key to increasing awareness of the bylaws and the consequences of parking in a clearly defined fire route or no parking zones.

“Last summer, we received a warm reception from residents and visitors, and we are happy to work with the Township of Hamilton for a second year,” says Chief Paul VandeGraaf, Cobourg Police Service. “We continue to shift service delivery to address emerging needs and provide coverage for community initiatives. Dedicated Special Constables will be assigned to this proactive community project to help ensure everyone can enjoy the areas this summer.”

Please visit Hamilton for a list of parking and fire route bylaws in the Township of Hamilton.