July 15, 2024

Large Contingent of Auxiliary Recruits Graduate

Cobourg & Port Hope recruits at Venture 13 ceremony

A graduation ceremony was held on Wednesday, July 6, 2022, at Venture 13 in the Town of Cobourg to welcome the 2020 and 2022 Cobourg Police Service and 2022 Port Hope Police Service auxiliary recruits. 

At the ceremony, the ten graduating members of the Cobourg Police Service included the 2020 and 2022 auxiliary recruits.

The Port Hope Police Service welcomed four 2022 auxiliary recruits, the first graduating class for Port Hope. 

In addition to remarks from Mayor Henderson, Chair Pepper, Chief Wood and Chief VandeGraaf, Auxiliary Superintendent Duncan Walker, credited for revamping the auxiliary program in Cobourg and bringing together a dedicated team of volunteers year after year, provided his remarks to the group. Auxiliary Police Constable Marie Rainville (CPS) and Auxiliary Police Constable Eric Tripp (PHPS) delivered the valedictorians’ speeches. 

Port Hope Police Service Auxiliary Graduates: Crystal McWilliam, Eric Tripp, Jenna Stapley, Sarah Stoneburg 

Cobourg Police Service Auxiliary Graduates: Andrew Gartenburg (2022), Arnold Dela Cruz (2022), Brooke Morris (2020), Grahame Richardson (2020), Heather Monsma (2022), Jayda Curr (2022), Marie Rainville (2022), Mike McCarthy (2022), Ryan Carnegie (2022), Sean Steip (2020) 

In addition to the badge presentations to the new grads, the celebration included a promotion. Mark Salerno was promoted from Auxiliary Staff Sergeant to Auxiliary Inspector. 

“We are grateful once again that we came together and worked as a team to train and support our auxiliary members.” Inspector Katie Andrews, Port Hope Police Service. 

“The auxiliary members are integral to our service delivery here in Cobourg. As the narrative and expectations of a police service continue to evolve, the auxiliary role is more important than ever. Our community benefits greatly from their dedication to community and volunteerism.” – Chief Paul VandeGraaf, Cobourg Police Service. 

Auxiliary members provide proactive programming through crime prevention initiatives and community engagement opportunities. CPTED audits, monthly car seat clinics, and support at festivals, parades, and events are examples of their work. 

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