December 5, 2023

Seven Paramedics Receive Awards

Governor General’s Exemplary Service Award — Special Tribute to former Northumberland Paramedic, the late Ed Dunk

Several weeks ago, seven Northumberland Paramedics were awarded the Governor General’s Emergency Medical Services Exemplary Service Medal or Bar at a special presentation ceremony in Kingston.

This special honour recognizes paramedics who have exhibited the highest standards of good conduct, industry and efficiency in the provision of pre-hospital emergency medical services. All recipients have completed at least 20 years of service, with at least half of that time performing duties that involve potential risk.

“Our community is incredibly fortunate to have access to the highest quality of pre-hospital emergency medical care,” says County Warden Bob Crate. “On behalf of County Council and our community, I would like to express my gratitude to these paramedicine professionals for their dedicated service and their personal commitment to excellence. We recognize and respect the strength, bravery and extensive training and skill that is required to deliver this industry-leading care to Northumberland residents and visitors, and we applaud your efforts to go above and beyond in your role. Congratulations on receiving this significant honour.”

Last night’s presentation marked the first Governor General’s Exemplary Service Award ceremony since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Presentations included recognition of both the 2020 and 2021 Exemplary Service Award recipients.

2020 Northumberland Paramedics recipients included:

  • Keith Barrett, Deputy Chief of Operations, awarded a ‘bar’ commemorating 30 years of service
  • Dan Dulmage, Primary Care Paramedic, awarded a medal commemorating 20 years of service

2021 recipients include:

  • Heidi Brown, Primary Care Paramedic, awarded a medal commemorating 20 years of service
  • Bob Cranley, Advanced Care Paramedic, awarded a medal commemorating 20 years of service
  • Cathy Hall, Primary Care Paramedic (Retd), awarded a medal commemorating 20 years of service
  • Angie Morrison, Advanced Care Paramedic, awarded a medal commemorating 20 years of service

Former Northumberland Paramedic Ed Dunk, who passed away in 2021, was also recognized for being awarded a 30-year bar, delivered at a special service last year.

“Northumberland Paramedics is incredibly proud to join the Governor General in recognizing these first responders for their history of exceptional service,” says Northumberland Paramedics Chief and previous medal recipient Susan Brown.

“These individuals have truly gone above and beyond the call of duty to give back to the community, volunteering their personal time outside of work hours in addition to their many years of service as a first responder. On behalf of the Northumberland Paramedics team, we congratulate these individuals on achieving this high honour in paramedicine, and we thank them for their contributions to health and well-being in Northumberland.”

In the photo: From left, Deputy Chief of Quality Improvement & Professional Standards Gord Nevils (Northumberland Paramedics); Deputy Chief of Operations Keith Barrett (Northumberland Paramedics); paramedic Dan Dulmage (Northumberland Paramedics); paramedic Heidi Brown (Northumberland Paramedics); paramedic Angie Morrison (Northumberland Paramedics); Chief Susan Brown (Northumberland Paramedics); paramedic Bob Cranley (Northumberland Paramedics); Chief Warrant Officer Martin Bedard (Canadian Armed Forces); Major-General Marc Bilodeau (Surgeon General, Canadian Armed Forces)


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