December 8, 2023

After 2 Years A Welcome Return

“People from all walks of life will once again be walking through those doors, ready to learn about Port Hope”

Article and image by Bill Hornbostel

Port Hope’s Visitor Information Centre reopened on May 20, after being closed for the last two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Brenda Whitehead, CEO of the Port Hope and District Chamber of Commerce, said, “We all know that the hospitality and tourism sector was hit harder than just about any other sector, and we’re glad at the Chamber that we can support it this year.”

The Chamber of Commerce has partnered with the Municipality of Port Hope to manage the Visitor Centre, with Karen O’Hara and Tracy Pope in charge.

Maria Papaioannoy-Duic, President of the Chamber’s Board of Directors, talked about the Chamber running the centre. “When Brenda brought up the idea to run the tourism office, the entire board had the utmost confidence that she and the team would knock this out of the park,” she said.

Papaioannoy-Duic also spoke about the reopening of the Visitor Information Centre. “We’re going to be welcoming back old friends and clients into our establishments within the municipality, but we also welcoming guests from all over the place.”

“I believe that this summer, the summer of 2022, will be the reawakening of the tourism population in Port Hope, especially with the new tax incentives to vacation within our province. The influx of new faces will be a welcome sight for everyone,” continued Papaioannoy-Duic.

“This building is going to be the hub for our municipality, the face of Port Hope. People from all walks of life will once again be walking through those doors, ready to learn about Port Hope, and get guidance to help them make the most of their time in our community.

“We have hired a team that not only know just about everything there is to know about Port Hope, because, I’ve heard they’re like hardcore Port Hopians,” added Papaioannoy-Duic to laughter in the crowd. “They also have a pride for the community that they live, work, and play in, and it will translate to every single person that is our guest in this Municipality.”

The Port Hope Visitor Information Centre is located at 20 Queen Street, next to the box office for the Capitol Theatre. For more information, call 905-885-2004 or visit


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