July 14, 2024

Vandalized Kawzenuk Signs

Coordinated attack says campaign press release

The Jeff Kawzenuk Campaign, Liberal candidate for Northumberland-Peterborough South, has issued a press release alleging “dozens of Liberal signs displayed in the private yards of the residents of Port Hope, Cobourg and Brighton have been systematically vandalized.”

The release explains the frustration campaign organizers and supporters are experiencing: “Each act of vandalism takes away from people who donated their hard-earned money and from volunteers who have spent their personal time helping put those signs up. It is not lost on us that these acts are targeting Liberal signs.

The similarity of method damaging the signs, prompted this comment: ” It is not lost on us that these acts of vandalism use a knife and are done in a consistent manner. General vandalism is not so coordinated. While the other campaigns likely have vandals damaging their signs, the attacks on our signs appear coordinated.

But the release steers clear of accusing any one group. “We are not suggesting in any manner that other political organizations are responsible. What is clear is that the people organizing these acts would like to remove Liberal voices, not just with the signs but with the knowledge that every dollar and every moment we spend replacing their deeds, is money and time that could go to other campaign activities designed to get our messages out.”

Reaction to the acts of vandalism according to organizers is, “We have received a lot of calls and emails of outrage and support. People have stopped Jeff personally to express their displeasure.”

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