December 5, 2023

Ed’s House Beneficiary Of Handbags For Hospice Success

Recent fundraiser takes in $26,000 more than goal

Article by Bill Hornbostel; image supplied

At its recent Handbags for Hospice fundraiser to raise money for Ed’s House, Community Care Northumberland raised $101,522 – $26,000 more than their goal. The success of the event astounded the fundraising team.

“It was beyond our expectations,” says Nancy Oliver, Chair of the Special Events Committee. “Because with COVID, even though they restrictions lifted, we were still unsure how people would respond to such a large event.”

Two hundred fifty people attended the event. “They were excited to be out,” says Oliver. “They were excited to be with their friends. And I think that all manifested into a perfect evening of wanting to be there and wanting to bid, and it worked in our favour.”

The goal of the fundraiser was to raise $75,000. “It takes at least $750,000 of raised funds each year for operational costs,” says Oliver. “So we took that $750,000 and we thought we’ll go for 10% of it. We thought that was a lofty goal, under the circumstances; we weren’t sure that we would make it.”

“Part of it was that, even before we stepped into the room that night at the Lions Centre, we had a tremendous base of sponsors,” Oliver says. Top sponsors of the event were realtors Tony Pulla and Jacqueline Pennington and Quantrill Chevrolet. “People who really gave really generously, who really believed in the cause of the hospice, who have strong beliefs about it. And I think that that going in was a big factor, because we had had laid a really good foundation.”

The evening event included live and silent auctions, as well as the chance to buy golden tickets for a chance to win a prize; those one hundred fifty golden tickets went for $100, and prizes included WestJet tickets, a package for Ste Anne’s and Whispering Springs, and a Michael Kors designer handbag. “Within the first hour and a half, the 150 tickets were gone,” recalls Oliver.

Because the auctioned items were donated, most of the money raised goes directly to Ed’s House for operating expenses, which covers things like hydro, heat, and food. Clinical expenses are covered by the Province of Ontario.

Oliver was pleased with how the venue, the Lions Community Centre in Cobourg, worked out. “We loved the venue, because it was big, and the tables were really spaced nicely. So, we really felt that people didn’t feel closed in; there was a lot of room to move around. And if people chose, they could wear their mask and stay with their small circle at the table.”

Oliver also praised the members of the Special Events Committee. “We have a really good team of women who work hard; and it’s really a positive group,” she said. “There’s a real camaraderie among the committee and a real focus on the hospice. And I think we all do it because we know it’s a great cause. And I think we have fun doing it, too.”

Ed’s House is located at 1301 Ontario Street in Hamilton Township. For more information about the Northumberland Hospice Care Centre, you may visit their website,, and you may follow them on Facebook (@northumberlandhospice) or Instagram (@edshospice).

For more information on Community Care Northumberland and its services, you may visit their Web site,, or follow them on Facebook (@CommunityCareNorthumberland), Twitter (@CommCareNland), or Instagram (@commcarenorthumberland).

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