July 15, 2024

Whale Of A Celebration!

Husband/wife chiropractic team celebrate 30th anniversary

Article and image by Bill Hornbostel

Above image: (L-R) Robin Whale and Les Andrews

The husband-and-wife team at Whale Family Chiropractic, Dr Robin Whale and Dr Caroline Taylor, celebrated 30 years in business in Port Hope on Friday, April 29.

Congratulations were given from Port Hope Council, the offices of MPP David Piccini and MP Philip Lawrence, Maria Papaioannoy of the Port Hope and District and Chamber of Commerce, and Jamie Byers from the Heritage Business Improvement Area.

Papaioannoy talked about how Whale was inspired by his father’s experience with a chiropractor in 1949. “It’s so incredible how we are inspired by our parents to make change,” she said, adding, “I know personally, when I come, I am in pain when I come here and I walk out if of here walking a little bit lighter, so you create change in everybody’s life.”

“One of the best indicators of a business owner is how their staff is, and every time I have walked into your office, the ladies behind the counter have been incredible,” added Papaioannoy. Addressing both Whale and Taylor, she said, “That is a testament to both you, and you, for how you treat your staff, because that is a rarity to have happy employees.”

Whale talked about thirty years of chiropractic work. “It’s been an honour to do this practice,” he said. “The first 15 years was challenging, I would say, because I was more of a doctor and less of a healer. The last 15 years has been incredible, because I’ve learned more how to listen to people how to understand them, and how to give chiropractic through their eyes and their feelings and their heart, and I look forward to mastering more of that art over time by serving people.”

Whale thanked his wife, their staff, and their patients, and said, “I also want to thank the power that made us all, whatever we call that, it keeps us alive and does all the healing. I don’t do that; I remove interference and the body can heal itself. I’ve and never healed anybody, and no doctor’s ever healed a cut; the body does the healing, not me, I just remove interference so the body can heal itself.”

Whale Family Chiropractic is located at 23 Queen Street in Port Hope. For more information, visit or call 905-885-7460.


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