December 8, 2023

Big Donation For Cornerstone From Post Consumer Brands

“There was nothing on the list that we did not get … absolutely everything … plus a financial donation”

Article by Bill Hornbostel/image supplied

Cornerstone Family Violence Prevention Centre recently received a large donation from Post Consumer Brands’ facility in Cobourg — a van full of goods and a cash donation of over $2,000.

The donation was part of Post’s “Ingredients for Good” campaign, an initiative across all twelve of Post’s plants in Canada and the US. Plant Manager Craig Byers says, “The idea was to take the great ingredients that we put into our cereals and give back to the communities around us, either through food donations, or through participation in helping food banks and helping shelters.”

This year, the Post plant in Cobourg settled on donating to Cornerstone. “It ended up becoming an amazing situation for all of us here in the plant,” says Byers.

Training Coordinator Rhonda Traill was the main organizer at Post. Byers says, “Her work across the plant setting up with the social committee that we have in the plant here to help raise funds, do barbecues and initiatives, fundraising activities, and that’s where it just started to take off.”

Cornerstone provided a list of immediate, critical needs. “We started with putting that list up and asking for donations,” says Byers. “From the goodness of the employees here at the plant, employees started selecting things off the list and providing them: toiletries, hairdryers, sheets and bedding, toys for the children, especially as they come through, it can be very stressful situation. So having those few things that make it feel like home was critical.”

Traill says, “There was nothing on the list that we did not get; we had provided absolutely everything on the list plus a financial donation.”

“It was a great initiative to do, it was a lot of fun, it was exciting to see everybody pulled together to be able to help the people in the community,” says Traill.

“The biggest thing for me,” added Traill, “is when the ladies from Cornerstone came here and their eyes lit up and said, ‘Oh my goodness, this is amazing!’ It literally brought tears to my eyes to think, oh my gosh, we just did an amazing thing.”

Janelle Eisler, Cornerstone’s Manager of Community Engagement, says, “We were incredibly overwhelmed and surprised at the amazing donation that Post did for us.”

“When we arrived [at Post], we were just shocked at the sheer volume and the amount that they were so generous to donate to us,” says Eisler. “It’s just a really great partnership within our community as well.”

Post Consumer Brands, whose Cobourg plant employs 195 people, produces 26 million pounds of cereal every year. For more information on them, visit

Cornerstone Family Violence Prevention Centre is located at 40 Swayne Street in Cobourg. For more information, you may visit their website,, or follow them on Facebook (@CornerstoneFamilyViolencePreventionCentre), Twitter (@CornerstoneFVPC) and Instagram (@cornerstonefvpc).

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