December 8, 2023

Weigh In On How Town Disposes of Municipally Owned Properties

Public-engagement project — Potential Affordable Housing Sites

Cobourg is seeking input regards municipally owned properties for possible disposal and/or use as affordable housing via the ‘Potential Affordable Housing Sites‘ project on Engage Cobourg, an online public engagement platform designed to gather feedback and comments from residents.

The public engagement objective for the Potential Affordable Housing Sites project is to inform residents and the development community of the available sites. Cobourg residents are expected to have insight and opinions on these sites along with questions or concerns.

In November 2020, Cobourg Municipal Council approved the Affordable and Rental Housing and Community Improvement Plan. At this time, in recognition of the current need for affordable housing in Northumberland County, Council further directed staff to create an inventory of potential municipal-owned surplus lands, buildings and/or facilities to consider as potential support for the donation or sale of surplus lands.

This work continued in 2021 and included the efforts of an internal ad-hoc working group. Following extensive review, in November 2021 a staff report was submitted to Council identifying eight shortlisted properties that form the basis of this public engagement opportunity.

Sites identified as potential affordable housing include:

  • 17 Charles Street (Charles Street parking Lot)
  • 216 Furnace Street (Memorial Arena Parking Lot)
    • Note: The future use of the Memorial Arena is currently being reviewed as part of a Town of Cobourg Public Engagement program. To learn more and to get involved, please visit the What’s Next for the Memorial Arena project page on Engage Cobourg.
  • 69 Ballantine Street (Morley Cane Park)
  • 521 Delanty Road (Peter Delanty Park)
  • Tracey Park
  • 96 Alice Street (Former Tannery Property)
  • Westwood Park
  • Hibernia Street Parking Lot
  • How to Participate on Engage Cobourg
    Share your thoughts on the potential affordable housing sites by:
    • Reviewing the list of potential affordable housing sites
    • Completing the survey, available until Thursday, May 19, 2022.
    • Submit your comments to the online forum, available until Thursday, May 19, 2022
    Visit to view the complete public engagement project and to learn more.Register on Engage Cobourg Today!
    Residents of the Town of Cobourg are encouraged to create a profile online and participate in current public engagement projects. To register on Engage Cobourg visit and click the Register Today! button. For questions or help registering please email communications@cobourg

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